Our goal is to prosper in our community by helping our community prosper.


About Us

Evan Falck & Robyn Yow
Evan Falck and Robyn Yow both grew up in Campbell River.  In 2016, with a couple of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, Evan wanted to start a business in Campbell River that would become a part of the community.  Robyn, with 12 years of barista experience, had recently returned from working at high end cafes and coffee startups in Australia and New Zealand and was brimming with a passion for quality espresso.  Evan’s business background and Robyn’s coffee experience came together to form the foundation and the heart of The Island Grind.

Our Story

Like many worthwhile endeavours, The Island Grind began with a question: Could we create a place in Campbell River where we could fuse our passion for quality coffee, tea, and food with our desire to become a supportive, integral part of our local community?

From this not-so-simple question, our journey began. And while January 13, 2017 marked the opening of the Island Grind, it did not mark the end of our journey. Our desire to be a positive influence on our community is never-ending.

We are proud to be local and independent. We are proud of our Vancouver Island spirit and to be part of the Campbell River community; the same community where we live, the same community that has made us who we are.  Our pride shows in the quality food and drinks we serve, the friendly, knowledgeable service we provide, and the local businesses and community programs we support.

In all that we do, we strive to ensure that the answer to that original question is always “yes”.

Our Local Network

The Coffee

Not only does Discovery Coffee supply us with delicious beans, they also have an excellent training program!  Our whole team has benefited from the knowledge and expertise that they bring to their on-site classes.

Campbell River’s Stonehouse Teas is a wonderful local company that blends all of their own tea.  We have three options brewed for iced tea daily – a herbal, a green, and a black.

The Tea

The Goods

Daves' Logo

Daves’ Bakery provides The Island Grind with an assortment of sweet treats and breakfast pastries.  We use their bread, buns, pretzels, and croissants for our house-made sandwiches and paninis.

Love our tables? We do too!

They were designed and built by local craftsman, Colin Falck. Feel free to contact him for customer wood projects!
falckcolin@yahoo.com  |   250-204-4323